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Welcome to Raajraani

About Raajraani

What are your hours of operation?

Monday-Saturday 10 AM to 7 PM. Sundays and Indian public holidays are non-working days. 

Do you have any other websites?

No, this is our only website. Please do not be misled by any other websites which might have similar sounding name / website address/similar looking logo.

We are currently selling through marketplace like Amazon and soon will be available on other marketplaces too.

About Jewelry

What kind of jewelry do you sell?

We craft Fine Handmade Silver Jewelry. All our jewelry is 92.5 stamped - it is made with Sterling Silver (where the purity is 92.5%) and also 99.9% and 100%purities

We focus on jewelry designs from the vast traditional jewelry heritage of India and re-create these with unique, high quality craftsmanship.

We also curate bespoke contemporary designs handmade in different regions of India.

Our jewelry is handmade and also manufactured with machines as the need be.

Is it pure silver?

Yes, the purity is 92.5, the standard possible purity that is used worldwide while making silver ornaments. Our wide range also offer 99.9 (jewelry) and 100 percent (some silverware) purity also.

Do you sell wholesale?

We do sell wholesale. Please write directly to us with your requirement through email at info@raajraani.com or call us at +91 8586 889922. For an order to be considered wholesale, you have to buy multiple pieces of the same product, and the minimum order quantity would be approx. 4 pairs/pieces for each specific design. Shipping costs may be extra. Please note that wholesale supply does not include branding support of any kind, like photography, content, logo, brand name, marketing etc.

Do you give any guarantees?

Yes, we offer guarantee towards purity of silver used in the ornament. Each piece of our jewelry is individually stamped with the 92.5 mark, guaranteeing that it is sterling silver.

Hallmarking can also be done with certain products with an additional cost; the list of products includes silver coins, utensils and silverware. 

Jewelry hallmarking can be done for bulk order i.e. 20 of same pieces at least.

We also provide GST invoice with every product.

What kind of stones do you use? Are they genuine precious stones?

It varies from product to product. Most of the gemstone products have semi-precious stones, but you can go through the description of the product to verify the quality of the stones used in that specific product.

Where can one experience Raajraani Jewelry in person?

Right now, we cannot offer physical display of jewelry, but yes soon we would be able to provide you the same in Delhi region.

Can I request for real images / video of the designs I like or a live video consultation?

Definitely, we are always willing to assist you in case you want to see more pictures of the product. 

In case you want to see live pictures message us (via WhatsApp on 8586 889922 you can do this by clicking on the Chat button below) mentioning the name of the product you want to see.

We will share the pictures provided the piece is in stock. Allow us a few hours’ time to respond to such requests as we may need time to locate the piece or sometimes may not be able to reply immediately due to shortage of staff. However, we will get back to you within 24 hrs. with the details. 

What is the kind of tassel provided with your necklaces?

We provide adjustable cotton tassels with all our necklaces (wherever needed) free of cost

Do Cuff Links for men have any size?

No, silver Cuff links for men do not have any size, they are all made in one size that fits everyone.

Are the prices of products on your website revised regularly?

Prices of the products on the website are subject to change without notice, and can vary from piece to piece, and from time to time, depending on the price of raw materials at the time of production. Gold, silver and precious stones are commodities, with market fluctuations beyond our control.

Please refer Pricing Policy. https://raajraani.com/pages/pricing-policy

The price of a design that I saw yesterday has changed today?

Occasionally, a piece will sell, and then be recreated at a later date with a difference in price. This could happen due to various reasons - as our products are handcrafted it could be due to a difference in the weight of product or even due to the fluctuation in metal prices. This simply reflects the market value of the raw materials and may not mean that we have increased our mark-up. 

Please refer Pricing Policy.: https://raajraani.com/pages/privacy-policy

Will you create an ornament with our design for us?

Yes, it is possible, depending on the style and manufacturing processes involved. If you have a certain design in mind, please send the picture by email at info@raajraani.com or call us at +91 8586889922.

How will I learn about sales and offers at Raajraani?

We regularly send out newsletters with information about our new arrivals and ongoing promotions and offers. So make sure you subscribe to our newsletter here.

You can also follow us on Facebook , Instagram and Pinterest to catch up with all our latest offerings.

How should I place an order online?

Please follow these simple steps:

1. Select your piece of Jewelry and 'Add to Bag'.

2. Click on 'Checkout' if you have finalized your order, else 'Continue Shopping'.

3. Enter your Email Address and Name on the Checkout Screen and proceed for Billing and Shipping.

4. Enter your shipping details and continue to the Payment Options.

5. Select your Mode of Payment and Place the order.

6. You will receive an order confirmation email to the e-mail you provided while placing your order.

Can I order by phone?

Sure. You can browse through our designs on the website and order your selected design by phone. We can assist you by creating an order for you.

About Jewelry Care

Are there any tips for storing the jewelry?

Store in:

Plastic zip lock or the pouch with plastic cover provided by us! Please do not use fancy cloths, velvet pieces, wooden boxes etc. for storing your jewelry creations.

Avoid from:

Perfumes, soaps, water, humidity, moisture, extreme temperature or anything acidic!

Is the jewelry pieces’ breakable?

Yes, they are. All jewelry pieces are delicate creations so please do not pull them or handle them roughly. We do not replace broken jewelry.

Is there a need to re-polish the jewelry? If yes, how do we do it?

Plating / polishing may fade over a period of time and yes, you may need to re-polish your jewelry.

Your local jeweler can do it for you.

What if silver creations turn black?

Silver jewelry is hand polished once the creation is ready. After it is exposed to atmosphere, anything in silver is prone to oxidation. Silver finish can be maintained by using cleaning silver jewelry with silver cleaning cloth provided by us to you.

In case of any queries, please feel free to contact us on +91 8586889922 or email us at info@raajraani.com.

How long does gold-plating / rose-gold plating on the jewelry last?

The brightness of the rose gold/gold finish on rose gold/gold plated jewelry depends on a number of factors like usage, weather conditions (humid weather dulls gold finish faster) and appropriate storage.

 We do not provide any guarantee for the rose gold/gold plating on the jewelry. 

We advise you to use rose gold/gold dipped pieces occasionally and completely dry them of sweat / moisture; along with storage in air tight plastic covers.

 If your jewelry becomes dull it can be repolished or gold dipped again at a nominal cost at local jeweler.

 If you wear your rose gold/gold-plated silver jewelry for continuously for a long time, the plating will eventually wear down. To restore its appearance, you can have it re-plated.

 For more information please check out our Silver Care page. 

Is there any color guarantee for rose gold/gold-plated silver jewelry?

We do not provide any guarantee for the rose gold/gold plating on the jewelry. Our guarantee is only for the purity of metal used in the jewelry which is 92.5% Sterling Silver. 

The color of rose gold/gold (on our gold-dipped or gold-plated silver) depends on the frequency of usage and how the jewelry is stored.

Please note that rose gold/gold-dipped or rose gold/gold-plated silver jewelry is meant for occasional use only, it cannot be used regularly on an everyday basis. With occasional use and proper storage (stored in a dry airtight container when not in use) the shine on rose gold/gold-dipped jewelry tends to last longer. 

The rose gold/gold plating on my ornament has lost its sheen. What do I do?

You can get it re-plated at stores which offer such services. 

My ornaments have turned from shiny white to a blackish color. Why so?

Silver naturally tarnishes due to a process called oxidization. There are 2 ways of dealing with this - minimize the oxidation by storing the ornaments in air-tight pouches, and secondly, by gently polishing with a soft, dry cotton cloth.

Once cleaned, remember to wipe dry and re-pack in air-tight pouches. For more information and tips please check out our Silver Care page. 

Do you offer repair services?

No, sorry not at this point of time.

Do we have a guide to understand various sizes of earrings, necklaces, bangles, rings?

Yes, please refer to the Size Charts

Most of the sizes are provided in the images of the individual products itself.

 Please note:

Colors – We make sure that images are as real as possible without any special effects. But colors slightly vary on various screens (mobiles / laptops / desktops). Most creations are handmade and so they might slightly differ from the image. Natural stones might have shade differences too.

Dimensions – For most of the products, sizes will be mentioned in detail. Please refer to the size, description and material section on the product specific pages that get opened after you click on the product image. If you do not see size details or have any queries around the size, please reach out to us before confirming the order and we will help you with the exact size details at the earliest possible.

In case of any other queries, please feel free to reach out to our helpline +91 858688992 during 10 am to 7 pm and we will be glad to help you.

Packing/Gift Packing

How do you pack the products?

All our jewelry is packaged in a strong jewelry box and sealed securely. We take great care to package the jewelry appropriately to avoid any damage during transit.

All our products pass through our quality assurance checks before we package it and ship it to you.

What kind of Gift packing do you offer?

Our own jewelry boxes are planned beautifully to give you an experience around it that’s why we do not wrap the jewelry box in gift wrapping paper.

What if I have already made the order and now want to include a message?

You can write to info@raajraani.com with your order confirmation number, your request and the message. We’ll take care of the rest.

Shipping & Tracking

For all the queries related to shipping and tracking kindly refer Our Shipping Policy

How long does it take to ship my order?

For all Ready to Ship products. - shipping to addresses within India, it takes between 2-3 working days for delivery to metros; rest of India 5-10 days.
For custom-made/ pre- order products, it takes a minimum of 3 weeks to craft the product. After which the usual shipping time applies.

We hand craft your order with love and passion and allow you to customize according to your requirements. This means making a new piece from scratch. Since our products are all handcrafted and there are several processes involved right from making the basic structure to stone setting, and gold-plating/ oxidization and hanging pearls etc. making these pieces to your specification will take us anywhere between 2-3 weeks (depending on the piece), after which they will be shipped out to you. So if you have ordered for a custom made piece please be patient and we promise that the jewelry will make up for the wait once it gets to you!