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Wedding Return Favours in Silver

Wedding Return Favours in Silver

Can you think of an auspicious occasion in India where silver is not used? Not even one… right? Gifting silver items is the most common practice in India as silver is not only considered to be sacred but also has many health benefits. Eating on silver plates and drinking from silver glasses are followed in many households on celebratory occasions.

Weddings are considered to be the most important event in one’s life in India. People try to pick everything positive and special for weddings. So when it comes to showering the guests with gifts people choose wedding return favours made of silver. The more you bless others the more it comes back multiplied!

Positivity of silver for the Suhagans during Haldi

The Haldi ceremony is all about married women (suhagans) applying turmeric paste to the bride and the groom. They bless the couple individually as they are about to embark on their journey of married life soon. What would be a better way than married women blessing the girl and the boy to make the auspicious start? But what have you thought of gifting them back for their gesture? How about silver toe rings? Toe rings are a part of Solah Shringar and a symbol of marriage. It brings good health and prosperity. It’s a tradition in India to gift silver toe rings to married women. We have some awesome collections of toe rings like Heartbeat Sterling Silver Toe Ring for Women with Blue Zirconia, Ira Sterling Silver Toe Ring for Women with White Oval Zirconia, and Lehar Enamel Toe ring – Red. Explore the collection and shower your choicest blessings on the women who grace the Haldi ceremony with their auspicious presence. You can also pick lightweight anklets or Vasudha Silver Bali as a gift for the occasion.

The silvery shine of silver for Baraties during Milni

The Milni ceremony is typically about baraties meeting gharaties. Generally, baraties are men and they are welcomed with a big warm hug and a small gift as a token of love, at the entrance of the wedding venue. Of course, garlanding, etc. also takes place. It is a sight to behold when the mama of the groom is welcomed by the mama of the bride, chachas by chachas, father by the father, brother by the brother, etc. It is also the occasion to know who’s who in the family that is going to be the bride’s for the rest of her life. Gifting baraties during the Milni ceremony can be quite a task for many. Considering this, we have designed some exclusive wedding return favour in silver suitable for Milni to make the task less cumbersome. My favourite is the Feather Sterling Silver Money Clip. Not only is it useful to hold the currency together but also carries the positivity of silver that has the power to multiply possessions and lead to prosperity. Why wouldn’t you choose something as a gift if it spells prosperity?

Another awesome gift is the 999 Silver God Lakshmi Ganesha 5 Gram Coin by Raajraani. This silver coin bearing deity images is a summation of everything a person can gift to the baraties. Good luck, health, wealth, happiness, prosperity, and success; the silver coin is laden with all things auspicious and will certainly bring God’s blessings to the receiver sooner or later.

Silver pendants with idols and sacred things are also a popular choice for the Milni ceremony. There is also Lotus in Chakra Pendant besides other pendants with idols. You are handing over your Laxmi, your lifeline to them, what value do these gifts have in comparison? Do not think twice even if you have to shell out a few extra bucks.

Silver blessings for Salis during Dwar Rokai Ceremony

Once the seven pheras are over, the girl becomes the boy's forever. The happiness of the bride’s sisters and her bridesmaids see no bounds. They are not only happy but also excited to catch hold of the groom during the Dwar Rokai Ceremony. They keep guards at the entrance and stop the groom from entering the house unless he expresses his gratitude with some money. If the groom is a bit reluctant to part away with his money, some salis loot away his wallet and leave him penniless. These days grooms are clever, they go prepared for the ceremony, leaving behind their wallets. They carry gifts instead. In some communities, it is also a tradition to give silver rings to the sisters-in-law of the groom. We have an outstanding collection of affordable silver rings suitable for budget-conscious grooms. Our Princess Promise Crown Ring, Shiny Memoire Band, and Sparkly Harmony Band are beautiful silver rings with minimalistic yet classy designs. Make your salis proud of you by gifting them the positivity of silver rings.

The Divine Balaji Pendant, Shrinath Ji Pendant, Khanda Pendant, Buddha Pendant, and Namah Shivay Pendant will bring that exclusivity to your celebrations if selected as a gifting option for any ceremony.

Gifts are one of the ways of conveying that you love and care. Select something useful so that every time the person uses it they are reminded of the fun and happy moments they had with you. Or select something really beautiful so the receiver stays captivated by the affection you shower on them and can’t help but relive those moments that they enjoyed with you during the celebrations.

Wedding ceremonies are special for the family; make them special for your guests who truly make it worthwhile with their graceful presence!