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This Navratri, Gift Silver to little avatars of Devi for Kanya Pujan (Kanjak)

This Navratri, Gift Silver to little avatars of Devi for Kanya Pujan (Kanjak)

Navratri, the purest and most dedicated nine days in Hinduism, is almost here. The festival of the divine feminine is a joyful and energetic nine-day celebration of Shakti's nine forms. Hindus worship Goddess Durga in their own unique way, whether by dance (Garba/dandiya), fasting, Durga pooja, Kanya pooja, or visiting temples.

People who fast for eight days finish their fast on Ashtami, the eighth day of Navratri, or Navami, the ninth day of Navratri. In order to break the fast, devotees offer the bhog to the little girls as they believe that they worship the goddess in a little avatar. After the bhog devotees offer some gifts to make the little avatars happy. While most individuals prefer to give money as a present, deciding what to offer may be difficult and time-consuming for most people.

If you are in a similar situation, we have compiled a list of presents for Kanjak that are both inexpensive and something little Devi would love to cherish.

1. Red Flora Grace Girls Kada

There are several kadas in the market, but one that describes the journey and power is ideal for gifting Kanya after the puja. Kada's stunning red floral elegance depicts the flower's journey from seed to blossomed petals. Red zircons add the finishing touch, with one side representing the seed and the other representing the bloom. This is the greatest gift for Kanya pooja since it is covered in silver sweetness and a lot of affection.


2. Mohna Huggie hoops

Jewellery is the ideal present for the little Kanya since it not only makes them happy but also lasts a long time. Charming enamel huggie earrings would undoubtedly be the ideal present for Kanjak. These are handcrafted with 92.5 sterling silver and feature a lovely flower. In addition to being covered in silver sweetness and affection, it is the best gift for Kanya pooja.


 3. Pearly Blossom Girls Studs

Something as precious and endearing as our affection for you, Almighty! These flower earrings are very popular among children, they love to wear little cute flowers just like them(it also looks good on them). Handcrafted with 92.5 sterling silver pearly flower is made of mother of pearl. The ideal present for your little Devi is one of the nicest marks of respect and affection.

 4. Minimal you baby bali

The silver bali is the most gorgeous girl's adornment. Handcrafted with 92.5 sterling silver bail is simple and lovely for a Kanya pooja gift. Simple and elegant bail is most of the parent's choice for their girl as this Bali keeps their ears safe (because of its design) and also adds charm to their cute little face. Minimal bail is one of the greatest presents for greetings kanjuk after Kanya poojan.

 5. Point to the star baby bangle

As the name implies, point to the star baby bangle point to your star ie them. This bangle is best for the kanya pooja gift. The bangle is made of 92.5 sterling silver and is elegant and timeless. This kada is one of the greatest silver accessories for displaying its wonderful significance and devotion towards little Devi.

 6. Classic love girl Bali

How can Navratri be celebrated without the ideal earrings and Kanya pooja gift? The traditional bail is lovingly handmade in 92.5 sterling silver with a silver finish. Easy to wear and light as air, this bail would definitionally the charmer to your kanayas.

 7. Evil eye nazariya baby

A token of care and affection is regarded to be the nicest present one can give. The evil eye nazariya is a symbol of affection that will shield Kanya from any negative energy, evil eyes, and unpleasant vibes. This Navratri gift, that will not only protect Kunjak but will also look wonderful on them.

 8. Twisted bali

The stylish bail with a classic touch and a glitter of affection. The twisted bail is made of 92.5 sterling silver and has a lovely silver polish. These Bali will definitely brighten the heart of yours and the goddess's as they are light in weight and looks cute just like them.

Girls enjoy dressing up and accessorizing with jewelry and accessories. These silver jewelry will make them happy, and they will be more eager to return on the next kanya pooja. Silver is said to have antibacterial characteristics that safeguard the baby's health as well as healing properties. There are several advantages to wearing silver, but there are even more advantages to gifting silver. According to Hindu custom, the quantity of silver you give will come back multiplying 1000 times. 

People believe after worshiping the Devi for nine days they feed her in the form of nine little Devi (each Devi for each day) and offer gifts while saying goodbye to her. It is said who so ever performs this pooja and believes in the tradition gets the blessing of the Devi. So this Navratri invites the kanya and performs the pooja with all the devotion and gift them accessories handcrafted with silver.

Shub Navratri! Jai Mata Di