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Something for Every Mother- A gift guide for Mothers Day

Something for Every Mother- A gift guide for Mothers Day

Mother, Maa, Amma, and Aai are more than simply words; they are feelings. With these words, the entire universe has gathered in itself. Mother's Day is more than simply another day; it is a day to commemorate our mother's love, cherish her care, and celebrate her power.


One of the most lovely day of the year is Mother's Day when we thank and celebrate the 'great ladies' in our lives, our mothers. There are 365 days in a year and 30 days in a month, including birthdays and anniversaries, but there is one day in particular that stands out. And, in order to make this day even more lovely and memorable, we demonstrate our love in every manner possible. Most people are stumped when it comes to selecting the best present for the best woman on the planet.

We brought you the list of trendy, classic, and sparkling jewelry that will not only be liked by mom but also makes her smile.


Something that complements her beautiful skin tone and radiance. Choosing a gift for a pregnant woman can be difficult, but it can also be joyful. During pregnancy, there are a lot of emotions pouring out, so giving presents can not only brighten the day of the mother-to-be but also provide smiles and help her treasure the moment. For these expected moms these are a few gifts she will surely love.


Glorifying Pearl Studs

Stunning pearl studs are handcrafted with 92.5 sterling silver and pearls, which is good for mom-to-be. Not only will this add charm and elegance to the mom-to-be look but also has many essential benefits which is one of the key elements for these studs. 

Magical Dial Bracelet

The beautiful bracelet will shine as starts arranges on the wrist. With mesmerizing rose gold shine and a delicate chain, this magical dial bracelet is something that will add a beautiful shine to mom-to-be's already glowing skin and charm.



Motherhood is regarded to be the world's most unique and wonderful feeling. The nine-month journey to delivery indeed is a memorable experience, but the voyage ahead is even more spectacular. To all the awake nights and hungry days, first time holding their lovely newborn hands and witnessing them stand on their feet. Being a new mother is both physically demanding and mentally demanding but also exciting at the same time. For these new moms these are a few gifts she will surely love.


Purple Desire Pendant Chain Set

Mothers are so busy taking care of everyone and forget themselves. Amethyst stone enhances the immunity system and improves endocrine function. Something that is beautiful and has such benefits is the best gift for the mother.

Sparkling Green Bell Jhumki

As the name suggests this sparkling jhumki is something that will definitionally add charm to any paired outfit just like our mother who can add love to any situation.



There comes a moment in a woman's life when her children are all preoccupied with their own lives, but a mother is always a mother. Maybe that's why we call them mother gods because they never stop loving and caring. As time passes, the children have gone to college and have settled away from home. The mother, on the other hand, loves and cherishes the plants as if they were her child. For these natural lover moms, these are a few gifts she will surely love.


Rosy Butterflies Ring

Splash of colors and joy with the elegant rosy butterfly ring. Handcrafted with 92.5 sterling silver and mesmerizing enamel work this is the charmer that your mom never wants to take out of her fingers.

Gulab Vatika Necklace


The playful and elegant Gulab necklace is one of the lightweight necklaces which has a beautiful silver shine. The necklace has a charming and vibrant vibe which is unique. A Gulab necklace can be added to any traditional or western outfit and complete the look.



Moms are the heart of every party and make everyone shake their body on the dance floor, Whether it kitty party, bhajan, sangeet, or any other celebration. Even small happiness is been celebrated with a lot of joy and love because of mothers. This mothers day let’s celebrate her with this beautiful token of love.

Fresh Drop Pendant

One the charming and striking pendants that would add sparkle to the look. The beautiful drop pendant is easy to pair with any kind of raaj raani chain for a glam look. The spellbinding color of the pendant is breathtaking. One of the best gifts for a party lover mom is just as unique as her personality.


Kashish Dangler

If magical, classic, and stunning were a piece of jewelry it would surely look like a kashish dangler. Handcrafted with 92.5 sterling silver with splendid black onyx and evergreen marcasite. Marcasite and black onyx complement together like a moon and a polar star. Gift your mom this stunning kashish dangle and you will see her smiling every time she embraces this.




Mothers are so sweet and adorable most of the time that it’s irresistibly cute, remember the time when she is against having a pet but ends up loving that pet the most. All of us have been there in the same position. These are the few as cute and adorable as our mothers are who love and care for everyone. 


Little Squirrel Ring

A vibrant and charming squirrel ring is one of the best gifts for the mother who loves and cares for the animals the most. Handcrafted with 92.5 sterling silver, marcasite, and black onyx this ring will make her giggle every time she embraces it. 


Eravat Anklet

Something that will only look good when decorated to her feet!

Anklets are of many types and varieties but the Eravat anklet is something that will leave everyone stunned. Detailed engraving of elephants combined together and form an anklet is something unique and quirky. Gift the stunning Eravat Anklet and look at her heart smiling and eyes shining.



Keeping us in her worm, she brought us into this world, she simply prays for our happiness and safety every day in her prayers. Possessiveness is also an expression of love and concern for her. This one is for all the moms who believe in superstitions and make us wear all the evil eye guards. Something to protect her!


Raksha Bracelet

Let us turn the tables and this time switch the places, gift your mother a Raksha bracelet that will protect her from all the evil eyes. Because she cares for everyone and forgets to keep her safe. Gorgeous silver beaded with an evil eye bead in the center will not only protect your mother from evil eyes but also will balance her mood and increase her energy level.


Evil Eye Black Nazariya Anklet

The evil eye anklet is one of the most classic and good charmers which will not only protects your mother from evil eyes but as keep her circulation, and body temperature and will cancel the negative vibes. This mothers day gift your mother not just a gift but a token of care and protection.



If you find it difficult to find something as quirky as your mother’s personality then we can understand the trouble and brought you a list of the quirky jewelry which will definitionally make her smile ear to ear.


The Quirky Catty Ring

As the name suggested the stunning quirky catty ring is as unique and beautiful as a rainbow with the rain. Handcrafted with the 92.5 Sterling silver and marcasite which is light in weight and can be paired with any outfit.


Cubby Toe Ring

Fun and vibrant the quirky cubby toe ring is handcrafted with 92.5 sterling silver has mesmerizing gold and silver finish and is super light in weight. The stunning tor rings will enhance the beautiful toe and will add sparkle to the feet.



Last but not least, everyone's favorite, cheery, and wonderful, grandma   Without the rockstar grandmother, our gift guide would be incomplete! Honoring and cherishing the love Mom provided us is a pure act that can't be compared to anything else. We offer special presents for the best and most pure grandmoms.

Lunar Love Studs:

Studs that will shine from the distance. Mesmerizing lunar love studs are handcrafted with 92.5 sterling silver, have an elegant rose finish and the icing on the cake is zirconia which adds a beautiful shine to the studs. Just go for this one and you are not going to regret this ever.

Blooming Flower Saree Pin

Elegant and delicate safety pins are made for women who handle themselves in such a gorgeous way. Fully bloomed flowers are the symbol of maturity and stunning zirconia add the element of royalty.


Choose a present for Mother's Day that honors her love, cherishes her care, and adores her perfection, not simply because she gave you life. She was and always will be the one to stand strong with you without expecting anything in return, and she will cherish you.

Let us honor her in the greatest way we can on Mother's Day, because while every day might be Mother's Day, there should be one day where we can leave everything behind and celebrate her for all the work and love she brings to this world.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone, hope your mother stays healthy and keeps smiling!

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