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Silver Utensils: Boost Immunity in Adults and Babies

Silver Utensils: Boost Immunity in Adults and Babies

Treasured by rich Indian culture and centuries-old traditions, silver is that precious metal that has been adding aesthetics to our lives since ancient times. 

From adorning silver jewelry and enhancing the grace of the outfit to decorating the interiors with artefacts and eating in silver utensils, history has witnessed the significance of this gleaming metal in a variety of ways.

Besides the ornamental attribute and fancy delights, silver has umpteen health benefits too that make it more than just a metal for designing exquisite accessories. Silver adorns you internally and externally as it serves as a beauty to you and beast to the diseases. 

Building Immunity Using Pure Silver Utensils

Pandemic has wreaked havoc in our lives, making all of us live in fear and anxiety; it’s time to build immunity by using 100% pure silverware every day. Considering the severity of the current situation, we have come up with this useful post that will make you aware of the reasons why eating in silver utensils is considered to be healthy, and how it increases immunity to a great extent. 

Have you ever wondered why royals and affluent families used to have their meals in silver utensils? Well, apart from reflecting high status and grandeur, this metal adds on to health quotient. Not only it amplified class and elegance to the Indian culinary heritage, but stood out as the perfect metal to build strong metabolism and immunity in adults and babies.

Why Choose Silverware Over Other Metals or Plastic?

Talking about its tremendous health benefits, we cannot afford to miss out on quoting the famous nutritionist ‘Rujuta Devakar’ who so rightly says that ‘Good health starts from the kitchen.’ She urges people to replace steel/plastic plates with heritage silverware as it makes a huge difference to your immunity, skin, and even your digestion. Thus, there is no surprise why even popular fitness experts recommend reducing the use of plastics or other metals in the kitchen and bringing back the use of silver utensils. It’s time that we stick to our roots and don’t forget the golden rules of life. 

Say ‘NO’ to Plastic Cutlery

The usage of plastic cutleries in the kitchen is an alarming issue that needs our attention. Being lightweight, cheap, and handy, most of us are enslaved to plastic plates, bowls, and containers for the last few decades.

However, it is vital for us to understand that eating, storing, and heating food in plastic is detrimental to our health. The estrogenic chemicals and toxins like BPA or health-Bisphenol-A present in this material can cause cancer, infertility, diabetes, congenital disabilities, problems in the immune system, and also childhood development issues.

Apart from polluting the environment, the use of plastic creates hormonal imbalances in the body of adults and babies. On the other hand, if you consume your food in silver utensils or store water in silver bottles, it will prevent the growth of toxic bacteria and remove the varieties of germs from your food and water.

The striking colors and attractive designs available in plastic utensils may tempt you into buying them, but is there anything more important to you than your health? Moreover, bringing home silverware is a one time investment. You can use it forever without having to buy new cutleries every now and then. On the contrary, plastic cutleries become yellow over time and lose their aesthetic value.

Feeding Babies in Silverware Prevents Diseases

The trite expression- ‘To be born with a silver spoon in mouth’ is associated with wealth, but in an Indian household, feeding a newborn with a silver spoon is synonymous with health.

More than just a tradition, using silver utensils to feed babies is backed by a plethora of medicinal and health benefits. It has bacteria fighting properties which kill the toxic germs that adulterate the food. Moreover, it maintains the body temperature, retains the freshness of food, and last but not least develops immunity in babies so that their bodies get the fortitude to fight infections.

Silver has a cooling effect which keeps the digestion smooth in infants. With the inherent antibacterial property, it doesn’t let the bacteria cells thrive unlike other synthetic utensils and plastics. This is the reason why silverware doesn’t need to be sterilized. It prevents food from getting contaminated; as a result, babies get protection against seasonal ailments. Other than this, if you store food or beverages in silver utensils, then you can expect it to be fresh for a longer time.

Take a trip down memory lane; you must have some blurred moments of your aunts and grannies keeping a silver coin in the pot of milk. Ever wondered why? Well, they did it to pasteurize the milk and prolong its shelf life. With intrinsic antiviral properties, silver fortifies food and keeps it fresh for a long time.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Are you fretting over the frequent visits to a jeweler in order to get the silver polish done to your vessels? Let’s burst this misconception. There’s no need for silver polish to be done on utensils. Simply make sure that you clean the silver utensils immediately after your meals using warm water and mild dishwashing soap. This will help you maintain its inherent goodness and lustre. As the silverware doesn’t require scrubbing, you can simply submerge the utensils in warm water for a few minutes with only alkaline and chlorine-free cleaning agents to remove the oil stains and spots. After washing, you can wipe the vessel with a cotton cloth. Make sure that you do not give your precious silverware a salt and lemon bath as it may leave stubborn spots on the utensils. 

Buy Silverware Online Only from Raajraani

Raajraani hosts a vast collection of silver utensils for babies and adults that will keep their food items or drinks free from bacteria. From silver bowls, paladai or sangu (a silver feeder for infants), plates to spoons and glasses, you will find every essential vessel for your family in sterling silver and in 100% pure silver as well. 

Welcome silver to your everyday life not only as a metal with eye-appealing ornamental values but also as an antimicrobial agent that keeps you miles away from fatal infections and health problems.

Are there any doubts hovering over your head? Feel free to connect with us! We are available to serve you with all our might.