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Silver Jewellery Guide for the Grooms-to-be

Silver Jewellery Guide for the Grooms-to-be

Groom’s jewellery is something that not many people pay attention to. However, this was a decade ago. These days you will find men who love to deck themselves up. Did Hardik Pandya cross your mind? Anyway, men’s jewellery is also gaining momentum in the market in terms of designs, styles as well as sales. Like the way brides buy all their wedding jewellery with a lot of thought, grooms must also give value to their jewellery, especially the ones worn on occasions other than the wedding. Even if you are not a jewellery person, you may choose the ones that are subtle and understated. Embrace silver jewellery with all its positivity and healing quotient, if you are a groom-to-be. It will not only keep you cool and germs-free, it will also enhance the look of your outfit. Add the silver glamour to your wedding festivities. Here’s your guide to selecting your silver jewellery for various wedding functions.


Whether you choose to apply Mehendi on your hands or not, don’t forget to adorn your wrist with a Statement Men’s Bracelet by Raajraani. The bracelet oozes class and boldness, speaking volumes about your taste and stature. The Mehendi ceremony is mostly about fun and is led by the youngsters in the family. Come on, being a groom-to-be you can’t go empty-handed to meet your bride-to-be on the occasion. Your wrist must be filled with a bracelet or a Kada by Raajraani. There are many choices for grooms-to-be. Check out Bold Desire Men’s Bracelet, Dragon Bracelet, Simmering Swastik Rose Gold Leather Bracelet and more.


Ring in your Sangeet ceremony by flaunting trendy and opulent silver rings by Raajraani. We are making your jewellery selection a child’s play so that you worry less and enjoy more. Which other piece of jewellery will suit the occasion other than the Dynamic Watch Style Ring For Men by Raajraani? Never mind if the DJ plays, ‘All hot girls put your hands up in the air and say, Om Shanti Om,’ you too put your hands up in the air and flaunt your silver ring on the pretext of dancing with your hot bride-to-be. It is your chance to stand out, whether you choose to disco, do the Bhangra on the beat or simply sway along clapping, just ensure you are adorned with silver jewellery. If the ring is not your thing, explore the men’s collection by Raajraani and pick whatever best gels with your vibes.   


Vidai shouldn’t be only about sobbing and shedding a tear or two. And if at all it is, let them t(c)ry, you can rejoice after all you got her. Now she is all yours and you are taking her home, let the positivity of silver make the moment pious and auspicious. You can complement your outfit with Men’s Silver Balis or any other pair of silver earrings by Raajraani. If you choose formals for the occasion go in for silver cuff links. Raajraani has some awesome collections of silver cufflinks. How about Classy Affair Black Cufflinks or Tree of Life cufflinks?


Reception is mostly about class and grace unlike other ceremonies wherein there is so much fun and frolic. Sitting straight for long hours will not be as easy as it may appear. Prep up to be the centre of attraction, to deal with the gazes and wear that smile as long as the two of you are up there on the pedestal. Well you need positive energy and loads of good vibes for all. Pick a thick silver chain to grace your OOTD (outfit of the day). Twirl Rope Chain or Link Bold Chain by Raajraani will be apt for the occasion. The charm and positivity of silver will leave people spellbound. Chances are also that they may shift the gaze from your face to your silver chain. What a big relief would that be? Isn’t it?

Do you know of any other jewellery house that cares for grooms-to-be as much as Raajraani does? We have an exclusive team of men who design grooms-to-be jewellery as per the trend and the vogue. If you are a groom-to-be, make sure you embrace the positivity of silver jewellery before embarking on the auspicious journey of coupledom! Why should only women claim the right to wear jewellery, it is for all and so is the therapeutic power of silver, go for it!

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