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Silver Jewellery Gifts Under Rs.1500

Silver Jewellery Gifts Under Rs.1500

Gifting silver jewellery has become a trend these days, thanks to the many benefits of the precious metal. People have not just understood but also experienced the positivity of silver. From having the ability to keep germs at bay to keeping blood circulation intact, wearing silver jewellery has many health benefits. This makes silver jewellery the best gift to be given on any occasion to men, women and children of all ages.

Why just wish someone well on their special occasion, why not gift them something that will ensure that they remain healthy and blessed? Spread positivity with silver jewellery gifts. We have jewellery available in all price ranges that will make for a beautiful gift cherished for life. Specially curated for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers and housewarming etc., we have myriad collections of amazing silver jewellery for every occasion within Rs. 1500. 


Birthdays mean a lot to everyone, be it a child or an adult; a man or a woman. However, some people love to celebrate it while others just quietly thank god for the blessings. One should make the birthdays of their loved ones special by gifting them the positivity of silver. We have a good assortment of silver jewellery pieces for celebrating the birthdays of wife, daughter, husband, father, mother and son etc. Bless your loved ones with the charm of silver. Present them beautiful earrings, balis for men, toe rings, rings for women, rings for men, studs for kids, bangles for kids etc within the budget of Rs. 1500. From Aqua Trinity Studs (Rs. 1100), Maya Danglers (Rs. 1100) to Nysa Silver Balis for Babies (Rs. 1100) and Soulful Girls Balis (Rs. 1100), there is a lot in store to make your birthdays memorable by adding the piousness of silver to the celebrations. We have contemporary silver stud earrings for women priced as low as Rs 700. You get to buy two pairs within your budget of Rs. 1500 and still save Rs.100. Quite a good deal that is!


Be it a wedding anniversary or any other anniversary that you love to celebrate, don’t forget to make it special with the purity and the silver sheen of 92.5 sterling silver jewellery by Raajraani. Our jewellery pieces if presented as gifts make the occasion fun-filled and memorable. Anniversaries come to remind you how far you have come since the day you started. Take the pleasure of going down memory lane with your beloved and gift them Carved Diamond Shape Band for him worth Rs 1200. Celebrate your immeasurable love for each other by gifting each other silver jewellery that’s very much within your budget. Explore our anniversary gift collection that includes Sparkly Harmony Danglers priced at Rs. 1200, Heartly Wish Band Ring worth Rs 1000, Butterfly Wing Saree Pin for Rs. 1500, Shimmering Boxes Band worth Rs. 900. and a lot more. Pick the one that celebrates the persona of the receiver. You can gift it to others too on their anniversaries!  


There was a time when people gifted a saree and a pair of silver toe rings to every girl at her wedding. Silver toe rings were gifted as they are not just symbolic of a happy married life but also keep the woman and her reproductive system healthy. Also, the sacredness of silver made the gift and the occasion auspicious for the bride.

These days, people may have moved away from this tradition of gifting to embrace more products as gifts but they can certainly add silver toe rings to whatever they gift to the bride. For all those who love to gift silver jewellery at weddings there is a whole range of silver jewellery within your budget of Rs. 1500. Dangling Wish Dangler Earrings (Rs.1300) is a perfect gift for a bride who you have known for many years. There is a whole world of different kinds of beautiful and colourful toe rings in modern as well as traditional designs in our kitty. For men, we have multiple rings priced at Rs. 1400 each like Supremo Men’s Ring, Fascinated Classic Ring, and Hermes Men’s Ring etc. that will make the groom’s day. He will always remember that you chose the positivity of silver over other things to gift him. Both the ring and the memories will stay with him forever.  


We have amazing silver jewellery gifts within the range of Rs 1500 suitable for any small or big occasion. Be it your niece’s graduation ceremony, your sister’s baby shower, your friend’s house-warming ceremony or your nephew’s remarkable achievement, celebrate it with the coolness of silver and the beauty of silver jewellery. You may buy multiple jewellery pieces worth Rs 1500 or less if your budget is high. Just ensure you make the occasion special by adding silver positivity to it. Explore our gift collection and pick the one that suits your special day.

Our Wedding Return Favours in silver are very popular. Where else would you get something so auspicious and sacred within your budget? After all, you need to buy it in bulk. Budget matters. Sometimes it really does. We have Minimal Grace Chain and Rounded Beaded Chain much within your budget. They are worth Rs. 900 each. They can be gifted to both men and women. Send your guests off with the positivity of silver once they have made your day special with their graceful presence.

You just pay the price of the product, the worth of a gift can never be assessed in terms of money. The intent, the love, the respect, the thought and so much more goes into buying a gift for someone you care for and that is immeasurable. Enjoy your moment and express your love for someone with only Raajraani Silver Jewellery Gifts!