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Raajraani Rakhi collection

Raksha Bandhan (Gifting Ideas)

Siblings are the best gift the parents can give to their kids. They are special because they play unique roles in our lives.

They are our friends, our rivals.
Our motivator, our critic.
Our confidante, our tattletale.
Our solutionist, our firebrand.

But one thing remains constant and that is love. There is nothing as pure as the love of the siblings. They become our partners in crime, our best buddies and are the happiest ones in our success. They act like our parents and stand by us in our failures. They are our strong pillars who save us from all the storms life has to show us.

We all are filled with gratitude for our siblings. But how often do we express our feelings to them?

How often do we say,“I Love You”?

How often do we say, “I am lucky to have you”?

How often do we say, “Thank you for being there with me.”?

A child is taught the power of Magic Words in Preschool. He says “Thank You” for every little thing he gets. But as he grows, he starts taking a few things for granted. He doesn’t feel the need to express his gratitude for people and things he loves. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love them or is not grateful for them.

There are different reasons for not being able to express one's feelings. Some are shy. Some don’t enjoy the display of their feelings. Some feel their feelings are obvious and don’t need to be expressed in words. Some feel they will be mocked for being emotional.

Among hundreds of fights and thousands of emotions, lies the infinite love of siblings. This love needs to be expressed time and again. And what can be a better occasion than Raksha Bandhan to pour your heart out to your most cherished person.

This Raksha Bandhan, break all the barriers of shyness and unlearn a few belief systems. Express your love wholeheartedly with some unique gifting ideas.

When you tie a rakhi on your brother’s wrist, you pray for his good health, prosperity and long life. Let’s take a step ahead by choosing the Sterling Silver Rakhi which is the most promising metal. Usually, the boys take off the holy thread within a week but these silver rakhis are so elegant that they can wear them for a much longer time.

When you choose silver, you choose positivity for your brother. Silver is the most precious metal and is known to attract positive vibes, luck, peace and happiness. So,  when you tie a silver rakhi, you get assured that your Protector, your Saviour is surrounded by love and good vibes. Don’t forget to tell him how lucky you are to have him as your brother despite all the restrictions he put on you.

A sister is the cutest charm. Yes, she may turn devil at times when she gets you scolded by dad, but she also gets all your demands approved by him. So, you need to pamper her for all her efforts. From completing your written assignments to keeping your secrets to sharing her pocket money with you, she has always been your partner in crime. So, this special girl deserves a much more special gift. What can be more precious than a piece of silver jewellery for your precious sister?

You must be wondering why Silver when you can give her Gold and Diamonds?

Silver jewellery is not just an accessory to lift your outfit. It has innumerable properties that make it the most desirable metal.

When you give her a silver bracelet or a silver pendant, you not only gift her a piece of jewel, but you gift her a lifetime of healing power that the Silver provides. Silver has anti-bacterial properties that heal wounds and keeps skin problems at bay. Explore the wide range of bracelets for women at

When you gift her silver earrings, that won’t just add beauty to her outfit but will boost up her confidence as silver is known for boosting self-esteem. Isn’t it a proud feeling to see your sister face the harsh world with confidence and be a conqueror? Check out the latest designs of silver earrings for women at

When you gift her a silver ring, you gift her the power of fighting mild infections. Silver is a powerful antimicrobial agent that aids in cold and flu infections, wound healing and much more. So, when you are not present physically with your sister when she needs you, your precious gift will make her feel your presence and warmth and help her in her speedy recovery. Choose your favourite from our exclusive range of rings for women at

Gifts are a sweet gesture to express your love and make your bond stronger as each gift creates a special memory. Make the festival memorable by uniquely expressing your feelings. Apprise each other of how much you adore them for all the little things they do and add sweetness to your relationship.

Have a memorable Raksha Bandhan filled with love and joy !!

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