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How to Style for a New Year Party with Silver Jewellery

How to Style for a New Year Party with Silver Jewellery

Everyone is looking forward to ending the year on a celebratory note and welcoming the New Year in style and gusto, especially women. From Christmas until the end of the year is that time when the cocktail and New Year parties are frequent and women get most excited with the opportunity to be dressed to the nines. However, when they actually get set to style their look, they are left with fewer choices as winters mean multiple layers of clothing. Which implies, little or no room for jewellery! To help you sort out this dilemma, we have put together these styling ideas involving silver jewellery that will not just make you party ready but also help you captivate everyone’s heart at the soiree. Embrace these silver jewellery styling ideas and be a party popper with ease even during peak winters this New Year’s Eve!

‘Ring’ in the New Year with Mocktails, Cocktails and Silver

 As New Year’s Eve approaches, everyone gets busy with either throwing a cocktail party for their clients or courtesy attending one. Either way, you have to look your best.  So what jewellery should you wear while raising a toast? Well, you already know it, clinking of glasses, well-manicured fingers and a big statement silver ring amidst saying ‘cheers’ to the long-standing professional relationships, thanking the partnerships, and celebrating all the business done in the about-to-be passing year. Also, when you are in your business suit or a blazer what else stands a chance to do all the talking other than your silver statement ring by Raajraani? We have a classy collection of statement and other rings including the Priyam Sterling Silver Ring for Women with Zirconia, the Gunjita Sterling Silver Bezel Ring for Women with Pink Stones, the Dazzle Love Sterling Silver Ring for Women, the Bhaskara Ring for Women (Adjustable) and the Blasting Flower Statement Ring for Women (Adjustable). Don’t they say, “When there are drinks, there are got to be rings? Flaunt your silver ring as you party hard.

Brace the Silver Bracelets with Ponchos, Shawls or Woollen Shrugs

The only thing annoying about the festivities in the winter season is the shivers,  the chills and the thick woollen clothing that one has to use to protect oneself. Sometimes just a warmer or a sweater is not enough. You got to layer yourself with a poncho, shawl, or woollen Shrug. They especially go well with Indian outfits like sarees or any fusion wear. Wrapping yourself in a poncho does not mean that you will have to let go of the jewellery or the accessory. You can still glam up your look by wearing something that will stand out even amid all the lighting and sparkles. Pick a silver bracelet to pair with your woollen wear. The shine and positivity of silver will add to your winter aura. We have an amazing collection of bracelets specially crafted for New Year parties, both official and personal. Take a look at our precious Keya Bracelet for Women in 92.5 Sterling Silver with Marcasite Stones, Gulab Bagiya Bracelet for Women, and Shiddat Tennis Bracelet for Women in Sterling Silver with Zirconia. If you love rose gold, check out our pretty Indu Sterling Silver Bracelet! The best thing about silver bracelets is that they give princess vibes. If you ask a little girl what jewellery pieces a princess wears, she will promptly reply, “Tiaras and bracelets”! Well, you can’t wear a tiara to someone else’s party, better clutch a silver bracelet and enter like a princess to a party and rock the kingdom.

Buns, Blazers, Brooches and Lapel Pins in Silver

Not all New Year parties are about wearing bling and gyrating to the beat. Some parties are suave; known for their elegance and class, especially, the official ones. It implies you got to show up in your formal avatar which may involve buns and blazers. So will accessorizing be a big issue? No, not at all! We still have the styling sense of Queen Elizabeth II intact though sadly we lost her this year. When will her favourite accessory brooches come in handy if not during such formal New Year parties?

Wear a stunning silver brooch on your blazer or even silver lapel pins will serve the purpose as they are quite a rage for both men and women currently. We have the trendiest collection of brooches and lapel pins with the latest designs. Pin up a Hum Tum Catty Silver Brooch, Eternal Flower Wreath Silver Brooch with Pearl, or Glam Cycling Silver Lapel Pin with Purple Stones for Women, on your party blazer and make a grand entry to your New Year’s party. Buns are optional, though we would have preferred wearing a bun over keeping our hair open as it increases the chance of the silver brooch attracting everyone’s attention. Go for it!

Hoops are Safe with Beanies, Caps and Headscarves

The year 2022 was all about Chaand Baaliyan. Ever since people started using this number sung by Aditya A for their reels and short videos, Chaand Baaliyan became quite a rage. Can you imagine a party without the DJ playing this hit number and people swooning in tandem? You can’t! Better, you plan to hit the dance floor donning a pair of beautiful chaand baaliyaan and grooving as the DJ plays, Mana teri soorat ki hai chandi sau taka billo, mere dil ka sona bhi kharaa…ye teri chaand baliyaan, hain honthon pe ye galiyan

The spotlight will not just shift to your hoops but to you as well. Who does not want to be a party charmer? Okay if a pair of chand baliyan do not go with your western outfit, choose a beautiful pair of Raajraani Baalis that complements your outfit. Other earrings may get stuck in your beanie or a headscarf, hoops are the safest. Sift through our collection of silver party hoops and make your party a memorable one. We have Moon Desire Silver Hoops, Cheerful Silver Hoops, and Mahtab Silver Bali/Hoops in the collection of awesome party silver hoops. Wear a pair of Bali and let the sacredness of silver enter your 2023 and make it as pious and positive as you always desired!

You have waited for the whole year to party hard on New Year’s Eve with your friends and colleagues, prepare for the same with all your heart and might! Leave no stone (embedded in our silver jewellery) unturned be it precious or semi-precious to make your party alive and exciting. We cannot think of a more sensational way to make it electric other than adding the positivity of silver by adorning yourself with the latest masterpieces by Raajraani!  Go…be the first one to grab the best one! Your time starts now!

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