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How to clean your sterling silver post holi party

How to clean your sterling silver post holi party

What is a festival of colours without a dazzling costume, enthralling jewelry, loads of love, happiness, and cheerfulness? Every year, we acquire a beautiful white dress, match it with silver jewelry, and play with lots of eco-friendly colors for Holi. We take care of our skin over the holiday season, but we neglect our jewelry. 

After the party, pieces of jewelry are left in a side corner, all coloured in different colors and gulal. These colors can become embedded in the intricate design of the jewelry and remain there indefinitely if not properly cleaned. These pieces of jewelry may lose their luster and become useless over time. So we're here to assist you to preserve your jewelry in the finest condition possible after Holi so you can combine it with your next outfit. 

There are a variety of procedures utilized by different people, as well as a plethora of publications on the internet, that can detract from the luster of your jewelry. If you are seeking an easy and straightforward way to clean your jewelry after a holiday party, here is a method you may use. 

These easy steps will help you to clean your silver jewelry. 

Warm Water Bubble Bath:

The first step is to fill a dish halfway with lukewarm water. (enough water to wet your jewellery) then add a few drops of liquid dish soap to the water and thoroughly mix it till a bobble develops. This is the critical procedure. After that, immerse your silver jewellery in the solution for around 10-15 minutes. 

Scrub the jewelry with a brush:

To eliminate the undesirable colour from the jewelry's intricately carved pattern. Scrub the jewellery gently with a soft-bristle toothbrush until the colours have been removed. After you've scrubbed the jewellery, rinse it with warm water. This will erase any residual colour that has become trapped in any area of the pattern. 

Safe Keeping:

When you've finished washing the jewellery in warm water, pat it dry with a soft towel. Then, using the jewellery polishing cloth that came with the jewellery. Rub gently to eliminate any tarnish. Wrap your jewellery with a clean cloth and store it in a resealable plastic cover to keep it safe. 

This method will remove all of the colour from the colourful Holi event. It will also keep it safe for the next several days while retaining its gloss and brilliance. 

To keep its lustre and beauty, silver jewellery must be cleaned by a professional jeweler once a year. Jewelers typically employ certain chemicals to remove the undesired coating of impurities from the and restore the original luster. This technique also preserves and extends the life of your silver jewellery. So that each time you match these pieces of jewellery, they seem brand new. 

This holi season, celebrate the Festival of Shades with joy, love, and even more colour without worrying about tarnishing your silver jewellery.


Happy Hoil!

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