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Give Your Kanjakas a Gift of Silver Positivity This Navratri

Give Your Kanjakas a Gift of Silver Positivity This Navratri

Navratri is around the corner and preparations are in full swing. People, who fast for all nine or eight days, generally end their fasting by feeding food to nine young girls. These girls are believed to be the epitome of nine avatars of Goddess Durga. It is called Kanya Puja or Kanjak puja. Nine girls are invited home, their feet are washed, they are fed holy food and are sent off with a nice gift which they cherish.

The Kanjakas bring health, happiness and prosperity into your life, wouldn’t you want to see them off with lots of positivity? We suggest buying them gifts made of silver, especially jewellery. With its healing power and the ability to conduct positivity, silver jewellery will help you bless the little girls abundantly. Raajraani has designed some awesome jewellery pieces for young girls keeping your need for gifting kanjakas in mind.

Browse through the amazing silver jewellery pieces for young girls suitable for gifting and strengthen your relationship with the kanjakas that are especially dear to you, like your sister’s daughter, your brother’s daughter or someone from the family and friends. Check out our collection for kids, Nanhe Gubbare for gifting silver jewellery to the young incarnation of Shakti.

Cute Little Silver Balis

Let the smiles on the faces of the little Durgas multiply by gifting them Classic Love Girls Bali by Raajraani. The balis go with the innocence and pure heart of the little kanjakas and make them beam with confidence. Silver balis are especially good for young girls as they not only carry the positivity of silver but also the blessings and vibes of the moon. Their round shape signifies the moon that we all look up to and admire.

Protective Nazariya Bracelets with red beads

Most of us run from pillar to post looking for gifts in red for little kanjakas, as red signifies the power of Shakti. Nothing can be better than the combination of red and silver. Check out the Red and Black Nazariya Bracelets for girls that have silver along with red and black beads that will keep all the negativity away from the wearer. Shower your beautiful kanjakas with these multipurpose Nazariya to keep them safe and sound. The Nazariya can also be worn as a bracelet or an anklet.

Blissful bangles in silver

Bless your cute little Kanjakas with the adorable collection of silver baby bangles with emojis or animated character motifs. The bangles can be easily worn and are comfortable. The bangles will allow your little replica of Goddess Durga to grow with abundance of love.

Purity of Silver Pendants

Enable the little ones to learn about the significance of the festivals and the importance of God and goddesses in our lives by gifting them silver pendants of deity. Raajraani has some amazing collections of deity pendants including that of Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, Lord Balaji, Lord Natraj, Lord Buddha, Lord Shrinath, and Lord Kanhaya with gwala, besides Swastik and Khanda symbols. All these deities bless their worshippers with success and abundance. Let your little kanjakas wear these pendants close to their heart to feel the powerful energies.

Energetic Silver Earrings

Watch your kanjakas have fun and frolic with the positive energies of playful silver earrings in red. Our exquisite and majestic red enamel hoop earrings are embellished with beautiful pink printed flowers that hug the little ears perfectly. There is also a pair of Rang Tarang Bali in Red and White. There is a variety of Huggies Hoop earrings in red, choose the one that touches your heart!

When you give a warm welcome to the nine incarnations of Goddess Durga when they visit your home during the nine-day navratri festival, see them off with equal love and care by gifting them silver jewellery especially designed for Kanjakas! Embrace the beauty and positivity of silver and pass it on to the ones you revere and love the most!

May Goddess Durga Bless us all! Happy Preparation, Happy Navratri!

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