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Four Ways to Style Minimal Jewellery this Wedding Season

Four Ways to Style Minimal Jewellery this Wedding Season

Your wait to dress up in your latest finery is finally coming to an end with the wedding season around the corner. This is the best time of the year when women in different parts of the country dress up in their favourite attire looking nothing less than a Goddess. Although many of them pay close attention to their clothes but fail to give a thought to their jewellery. Celebrations become more auspicious if the jewellery worn is real and of precious metals. What could be a better choice than the piousness of silvery sheen of 92.5 Sterling Silver Jewellery by Raajraani to style your wedding look with minimal adornment?

  1. Trendy silver belt to accentuate your traditional wear

We know that you have picked up a Banarasi or a Kanjivaram saree for that wedding in your family. After all, sarees suit the best for weddings and never go out of trend. But the question is how are you going to style it with minimal jewellery as profound jewellery will look over the top with such an opulent drape? Saree belts are back in fashion again, you must have seen videos and reels of influencers on social media. Keeping the trend in mind we have designed Indrani Sterling Silver Belt / Tagadi for Women for your special traditional look this wedding season. Just this single piece of jewellery will accentuate your overall look. You may also wear it with any other traditional attire and on any occasion other than D-day.

Other exclusive silver jewellery pieces that will work for your traditional and minimalistic look are a pair of Parnika Silver Jhumka for Women with Pearls and Green Stones, and Strings Silver Anklets for Women. Traditional lehengas, Anarkali, shararas or elegant sarees whatever you don, these jhumkas work wonders for your look. If you wish to wear something more minimal, check out our latest collection of silver jewellery.

  1. Simmer silver Kada and a lot more to complete your fusion look

If you are the one who vouches for everything fusion just like your fusion upbringing, we have an awesome collection of minimal jewellery that will provide grace to your fusion look this wedding season. Snow White 3 Line Silver Bangle for Women, Braided Simmer Silver Kada for Women with Zirconia, Vasudha Silver Bali, and Jiya Sterling Silver Ring for Women with Zirconia are all light yet classy jewellery pieces. You can either wear them all together or choose any to style your fusion look. You can check out the whole collection and mix and match your jewellery to create a pre- or post-wedding function look. Even a cocktail party, a bachelorette’s, or the Vidai ceremony calls for a fusion look. Mix-and-match or fusion jewellery will be apt for such occasions. Adorning it with our minimalistic silver jewellery will not only help you make an impression but also spread the positivity of silver around.

  1. Silver necklace and earrings set to go with your contemporary lehengas

Some women can’t contain their happiness and desire to wear lehengas on every occasion. They just need reasons to put them on. Well, we are not complaining! These days, contemporary lehengas are trending. Everyone talks about wearing them in different designs but no one tells you how to style them with the positivity of silver jewellery. You cannot wear just any run-of-the-mill piece of jewellery with your exclusive contemporary lehenga. Pair it with the equally trendy Sitara Sterling Silver Necklace Earring Set for Women with Zirconia designed by Raajraani. You rarely get both trendy designs and the exclusivity of silver together. Raajraani gives you that. Look no further to make your celebrations more sacred and stylish than the Raajraani wedding silver jewellery collection. We have many more new additions to go with the seasonal vibes, like the Aanandini Sterling Silver Bezel Kada for Women, and Soma Sterling Silver Necklace Earring Set for Women with Zirconia, and a lot of other silver jewellery pieces to help you make a lasting impression and create memories to last forever.  

  1. Nothing less than a silver purse or a clutch for your corset ensemble

For all those of you who love to defy the norm to embrace the unprecedented or unconventional look, we have designed something unique and outstanding. If you love your corset so much that you wish to wear an ensemble around that for weddings this season, allow us to unveil this exclusive silver accessory that will make your occasions what they are meant to be. Although chokers will go well with your corset ensemble as we are talking about minimal jewellery, you can replace chokers with a chain with a pendant and let this silver accessory be your style statement. Complete your look with Ishwari Sterling Silver Purse for Women or Madiha Sterling Silver Clutch for Women for that flamboyant look. If you want to keep it subtle go in for Amara Sterling Silver Clutch for Women, Small or Big. Not everyone can imagine a clutch or a purse in silver let alone the question of carrying one to the parties this wedding season. May you be that trendsetter to open up avenues for fashionistas to style themselves with silver accessories that will give out of the world experience and loads of memory to carry when they make hundreds of heads turn as they sashay down the red carpet during cocktail or bachelorette parties!

From traditional and fusion to classy and contemporary, you can resort to minimal jewellery in silver to complete your wedding season look. Wedding functions give you the chance to experiment and floor people with your tastes, ensembles and jewellery because they carry the vibes when everything artsy, aesthetic and dazzling is checked out and admired! Dressing up is not just about impressing people, it is also about making your soul happy so that you absorb the sacredness of the wedding celebrations! Cleanse your soul pure by embracing the positivity of silver jewellery in these four ways, this wedding season.

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