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Decoding the true meaning of Holi colors with Raajraani

Decoding the true meaning of Holi colors with Raajraani

We have an obsession with colours. Some people find consolation in the bright Yellow of the sunrise or the vivid Red of the rose, while others seek refuge in the peaceful Blue of the sky.

Every colour has its own tale and set of feelings. It not only reflects a person's personality, but it also reflects a portion of their existence. This Holi, let’s cherish this love for colour and add some colour to your jewelry collection in the most sophisticated way!

Name a color and Raajraani have it.


The colour you begin to love as a child and your love for it never fades. The colour red is associated with love, power and is frequently used to represent passion. When it comes to red, you have two options: Cornelian or Red coral.

Both red stones are as gorgeous as they have always been. Red's nobility never fades with the passage of time, making it an evergreen colour.



“Yellow, Yellow pretty fellow”.

One of the most fundamental colours in nature that is as bright as sun, as powerful as fire and as light as wind. Millennials choose it to add some colour to their outfits! 


Evergreen green, reflecting ecology, has a range of attributes. The most dominant colour in nature is used to represent development, harmony, freshness, safety, and so on.

Green may be found in a variety of gemstones, including Peridot, Emerald, Tourmaline (green), and Green Onyx. Green is available in a variety of colours as well as a variety of price points.



If you want the height of the sky or the depth of the ocean, blue has both to offer. When you look at the larger picture, blue is the dominant colour in nature.

Blue is frequently used to convey freedom, creativity, inventiveness, and other emotions! Click on the image to shop your favorite blue piece



Delicate as pink and charming as pink, loveable as pink and pretty as pink. Delightful, delicate, endearing, and feminine. Pink has a lot to say. As much as we adore pink, have you considered purchasing a pink-colored jewelry?

Pink is associated to enhance your look. Adding pink is must to your jewellery box this holi.



The love of white will never go out of style; delicate yet intense white represents both calm and commotion. The colour representing calm, simplicity, integrity, and kindness. When we think about garments, we immediately think of white. What about incorporating it into your jewellery as well?

In terms of white, there are two options: pearl and white shell. Both look elegant in their own way!


You see it as a negative, but we see it as a source of power. Black as the all-powerful colour, dominant and powerful black reflects the one who embraces all colours.

The colour we begin to love after we have grown up, and the chaos continues. The colour is said to represent power, majesty, leadership, and grace. 



Orange, the colour representing power and endurance, is created by combining yellow and red. Furthermore, the colour is frequently associated with pleasure, creativity, prosperity, and so forth. Add this optimistic orange and cherish yourself with all kind of creativity and prosperity.


These colours are available to you to help you finish your look. Let us celebrate colour in the form of emotions during Holi and beautify ourselves with these gorgeous colourful jewels. So, which one are you going to put in your cart this holiday season?