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All About Silver Jewellery

All About Silver Jewellery

Silver jewellery is the most likable jewellery and always in trend across the world. It combines the charm of fashion jewellery along with the uniqueness of the precious metal silver. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and brooches etc. everything can be made out of the metal with the cooling effect. Silver jewellery pieces always stand out in style. They can be easily combined with precious and semi-precious stones to make customized and special jewellery.

Silver is a very versatile metal. It can be mixed with other metals to create different shades, and it can be polished to a high shine or left with an antique patina. Silver jewellery is also hypoallergenic and won’t tarnish as quickly as other metals.

Earlier women used to wear only silver jewellery with their formal attire. The Romans wore silver jewellery because of its healing properties and believed that it would protect them against falling sick.

With time silver has found predominance in jewellery pieces because of its quality, appearance and economical worth. Pure silver (100 % silver) is too soft to convert into wearable jewellery; therefore, it is mixed with copper, generally, 7.5 %, to make silver jewellery. This is how the concept of 92.5 Sterling silver jewellery pieces came into being. Such jewellery has 92.5 percent pure silver while the remaining are alloys of different metals. Silver is a metal that silversmiths find easy to work on; its malleable nature makes it a good choice for everyday jewellery items.

Putting money in silver jewellery is a stable investment. It is a perfect choice for women who are budget-conscious. Understanding the qualities and the attraction of silver jewellery, students, professionals and homemakers equally prefer wearing modern silver jewellery pieces. The flexibility that the metal offers makes it easier to convert a piece into any style and design.

The subtle gleam of the metal and its delicate nature makes it the most preferred choice for women looking to create a style statement. Many decades ago, we witnessed nomadic and tribal women using silver jewellery to adorn themselves from head to toe. With time people not only got influenced by the impact of the beautifully adorned tribal women wearing silver jewellery, they also understood the scientific reasons behind each piece of jewellery worn as a tradition and customs. For instance, we all know that one of the veins in our ring finger reaches the heart and that is the reason wearing a silver ring in the ring finger directly connects the positivity of the precious metal to the heart. Same can be said about tradition of wearing toe-rings. The nerves in the toes are directly linked to the reproductive organs in women and keeping them cool by wearing silver toe rings is important as all reproductive organs are the most energized organs. To protect them from going haywire, it is wiser to keep them cool with the cooling and healing properties of silver. 

Some also believe that silver is directly connected to moon. Hence wearing a piece of any silver jewellery on a daily basis will keep the moon aspect of their birth chart intact. The wearer is less likely to face the issue of anxiety, depression and hypertension because of the healing properties of silver. You got to experience it to believe it!

Earlier women used to wear gold nose pins but after understanding the properties of silver many switched to silver nose pins and naths. Wearing silver nose studs keeps the wearer’s aggression and anger in check. This is one of the reasons why Indian women have been wearing nose pins since centuries.

Women looking to add colours in their lives, can wear silver jewellery combined with colourful stones or coloured enamels. Silver is strong enough to hold any gemstone. It is mixed with other metals and alloys to make it hard and long lasting. Also, silver suits all kinds of complexions and skin tones.

Another significant property of silver is that it is allergy-free. People with skin allergies often opt for jewellery pieces. Silver is one of the oldest metal ever known to the mankind that is used to make ornaments. Silver has a mention in history of any country. Women around the globe and across time periods preferred wearing silver jewellery.

For women looking at wearing gold, silver can be plated with gold to give it the appearance of gold jewellery in a cost effective manner. Silver jewellery comes in many versatile designs. There is a plethora of choices in terms of cut, design and combination.

You may have come across people who wear their precious stones in          silver rings. The reason is that silver has a healing quality. It is a good conductor of positive energy. Especially, pearls are always worn in silver if you are wearing it to absorb the positivity of pearl. Silver jewellery paired with precious as well as semi precious stones are quite popular in south India. Rajkot in Gujarat, Kolhapur in Maharashtra, Udaipur in Rajasthan, Hathras in Uttar Pradesh, and Salem in Tamil Nadu are believed to be the hub of silver jewellery both in terms of popularity and designing.

Silver jewellery makes for the most preferred item for gifting in weddings and child birth, especially in India. Many people like to gift durable items to their near and dear ones hence it is common to gift silver jewellery set or pieces to newly-wed bride, just born kid or any of the close relatives and friends.

Modern, traditional, fusion, contemporary and classic all kinds of jewellery pieces can be created out of sterling silver. The choices are many, therefore, every modern woman sift through the collection of silver jewellery first for her special occasion.

Another important aspect of silver is that we can make hand-crafted jewellery pieces with it. They are alluring with more detailed designs. Handcrafted jewelleries are in vogue because of their exclusive designs, wonderful artistry, and amazingly vibrant finishing.

Merely owning a piece of silver jewellery is not enough, taking proper care of the jewellery is also important. If it is maintained and taken care of properly, silver jewellery can last forever. You can use many home hacks to keep your silver jewellery shining forever. Some people clean their silver jewellery pieces with tamarind water to get back the shine and get rid of the black decolouration.