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A Guide to Buy Silver jewellery for Kids

A Guide to Buy Silver jewellery for Kids

Raajraani has a wide collection of pretty charms and chunky jewellery for kids. The jewellery is available in various styles and sizes for both boys and girls. Add a sparkle to your kid’s life with the trendy silver jewellery pieces specially designed for kids keeping their needs in mind.

When you are out to buy a piece of silver jewellery for your kid, consider these tips; these will help you in selecting the pieces that will do justice to their age and provide comfort. Pick the perfect silver jewellery piece of your kid’s choice after following these suggestions. You will not get something unique yet customised for your kid at any place other than Raajraani.  

Pick a memorable piece for your kid

Do not just randomly pick any silver jewellery piece for your kid. Look for something that will stand out. If you are accompanied by your kid, let them decide what to buy with your guidance. Shopping for a silver jewellery piece with the parents will make the moment memorable for them and they will cherish the jewellery for years to come. Aqua Drop Sphere earrings by Raajraani are unique in their look and feel and will make the girl child look stunning after wearing them. Mohna Huggie Hoops – Black, can be tried for more style and pomp. Make the jewellery shopping memorable for your girls with these silver jewellery pieces.

Be more practical

When deciding what to buy from the silver jewellery collection for kids available at Raajraani, try to be as practical as possible. Your kid will play wearing the jewellery no matter what the occasion. They will run around, enjoy and have fun wearing it. Make sure you choose sturdy and durable silver jewellery, which is also simple to wear and does not hinder their play or harm them.

Check out the Point to the Star Baby Bangle by Raajraani. They deliberately have triangles at the ends to protect the kid from scratches and injury caused due to the sharp ends. The shapes are round and not pointed. Triangle and star shape on each side of the bangle is the symbolism of everything going toward the star. Give them the bangles and give them the love, affection, and pure silver goodness they seek. For more comfort, you may pick Hearty Ball Baby Bangle by Raajraani.

Kid’s interests must be considered

There is a wide variety of designs and styles in the silver jewellery collection for the little ones. From the replica of natural elements like flowers and feathers used in earrings and studs, hoops and balis to there are heart motifs in pendants and charm bracelets. It would be pleasurable and enjoyable for the kid if the silver jewellery you buy for them matches their preferences and interests them. Rectangular Frilly Girls Studs – Cornilion is one such creation by Raajraani which signifies innovation and expansion and has eye-catching features that girls will love to the core.

For those kids who love animals, Pink Bunny Baby Bangles with a pair of bunny shapes on it would be fun. Kids into cars and motors will love My Red Car Baby Bangles.

Safety should be a priority

Ensure that the silver jewellery pieces that you buy are pure and do not cause allergies to your kids. Raajaani takes special care of this aspect. All the jewellery pieces created for kids by Raajraani have healing power and are safe. Also, the delicate pieces that you buy for your kid must be taken care of all the time and handled with utmost care. The pieces must be durable and should fit well so that they don’t get lost. For very young kids, accidental swallowing can be an issue, so the jewellery they wear must be selected with care.

To ward off evil eyes from your babies, make them wear the Red and black beaded Nazariyas to protect them from negative energy. These pure sterling silver bracelets cum Anklets have linked silver chains to adjust the length and can be used for babies/newborns and children up to the age of 0-3.

Raajraani also has the Adjustable Black Nazaraiya For Babies for more comfort and proper fit.

A few important points:

  • Simple studs and earrings featuring gemstones and others with a kid-friendly design, like fish, stars, sun, animals or birds are safe. Check out the Pearly Blossom Girls Studs for kids by Raajraani.
  • Plain chains with cute pendants are suitable for both boys and girls. Heavy necklaces must be avoided. Check out the Sparkly Butterfly Pendant Chain Set by Raajraani; a perfect choice for kids.
  • Buy all the silver jewellery pieces for your kid from a reputed jeweller like Raajraani, because the safety of your kid is paramount. They must be comfortable if they fall asleep or are playing while wearing the jewellery.
  • Silver rings must fit well as there are chances of them getting lost if the kid fiddles with them.