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92.5 Sterling Silver Jewelry of different personalities woman lead

92.5 Sterling Silver Jewelry of different personalities woman lead

Jewelry is a woman's best friend, and it comes in numerous shapes and styles that suit her diverse personality. To celebrate the uniqueness inspired by these divas, we've compiled a selection of 92.5 sterling silver jewelry that will enchant her. Today on women's day, we adore her multifaceted personality and admire her as I am the one, I am Many. 

Saluting these different personalities of her let's soil her a little with the token of love and respect in the form of silver. Scroll through this page to find a list of gift ideas for each unique personality she owns, that will bring a smile to her face and will brighten your day. 

1)   Ms. Classic

When she travels with grace and beauty, she exudes a charisma that shines brighter than the rest of us. With the spark of both strength and love, she is classic!

For the one who is the glue of the family, the one who has the strength to keep everyone before her, and for the one who gets upset but still cares about you. For her classic personality gift, something that will refine her beauty in every aspect.

Starry flower studs are handcrafted with 92.5 sterling silver, have a rose gold finish and beats the zirconia heart.This magnificient piece is inspired by flower blooming under the starry Night to tell your true light. Magnificently finished in rose gold these 92.5 sterling silver studs are must-have. Shop here.
If you are looking for something to adore her finger go with a dazzling finger ring which is handcrafted with 92.5 sterling silver, has mesmerizing rhodium polish and has a zirconia core that gives a reflection of that piece of the star. Shop here
If she likes something more classic, go with the wheel of hope tennis that is handcrafted with 92.5 sterling silver, has rhodium polish and the icing on the cake is zirconia. Shop here

These will not only make her smile but she will keep them as a piece of her heart.

2) Ms. Minimal

She observed that there's a joy in the moon, understanding how significant and important it is, and how it wants nothing but to shine brilliantly. She's a minimalist!

 For the one who appreciates simplicity, for the one who believes in versatility, and for the one who is as gorgeous as the moon itself just the way she is.  For her simple gift, a token of appreciation and respect that she will always remember. 

Giving the illusion of snowflakes, these flakes studs with green onyx are handcrafted with 92.5 sterling silver and have an oxidized finish which gives it a more antique look. shop here

One with the elegance and class this mesmerizing shimmering Boxes Band is handcrafted with the 92.5 sterling silver has a radiant rhodium finish and is studded in zirconia which makes it a more classic piece. Shop here


Give a love wrapped in silver goodness!

3) Ms. Traditional

She expresses her values not only through her outfits but also through her thoughts, and she believes in the enchantment of the stars. You may refer to her as old-fashioned, but we refer to her as authentic.

For the one who is more connected to the soul and lives with the spark of gold, for the one who's smile has a different story to tell, and for the one who has kept alive our culture.  With the love of tradition and the touch of the silver, gift her something that will make her heart smile and eye shine.

Embrace her fingers with a flora mirror ring that is a visual and tactile delight, composed of 92.5 sterling silver with a mirrored core that provides the appearance of royal jewellery. The piece has a simple yet antique aspect thanks to the floral pattern. Shop here


Embrace her ear with evergreen Madhavi jhumka earrings that every woman wants to own. Handcrafted with 92.5 sterling silver the gorgeous jumka has a ruby on the edge. Shop here


Take these evergreen silver love charms and give her something more than a gesture.

 4) Ms. Spotlight

She walks in the dark and illuminates the area; she is the water on the fire and the source of power. She is the ‘spotlight’!

For the one who never settles for the second-best, for the one who has an eye for the great details, and for the one who is the core of everyone's spirit. Cherish her spotlight personality with the adulation pieces of jewellery that she never wishes to take off.

Enchanting Mayuri Clip On Nose Pin is handcrafted with love in 92.5 sterling silver with an intricate peacock pattern on it, easy clip-on makes this super convenient to carry. A beautiful oxidized finish is another key element of the nose pin. Shop here


Something that stays near her heart, the beautiful gulab vatika necklace is a silver rose handcrafted with 92.5 sterling silver and has a ravishing matt finish which makes it even more elegant. Shop here

Then there is a chatai cuff bracelet which is made of 92.5 sterling silver and has an oxidized finish. This will be something she will never want to take off. Shop here

These aren't just jewelry, but something that she can relate to.

 5) Ms. Bosslady

She is transparent in her opinions and beliefs. She is competent and confident in defeating anything that stands in her way. She is both a believer and a dreamer. She is a ‘bosslady’!

For the one who is adamant about their point of view, for the one who can overcome any hurdles and emerge stronger. For the conquerors, these are silver wrapped in beauty and love.

Salute Ms. Bosslady with a powerful and beautiful gift as she is.

One of the captivating and elegant gifts is graceful Russian beauty hoops. Handcrafted from 92.5 sterling silver, this ring has a distinctive rose gold finish and zirconia in the center, making it even more stunning. Shop here

Bageecha cufflinks are simple yet attractive and are crafted of 92.5 sterling silver with a silver finish and enamel in the center. One of the essential components that will undoubtedly attract attention is the flower pattern. Shop here

Let her lead the world and set a few trends with her personality with this unique jewellery.

6) Ms. Quirky:

She flaunts her wings and dwells in her own tiny universe, fearless and one-of-a-kind. We adore her for her uniqueness. She is Quirky!

For the woman who lives on her own terms, who is tender on the inside but bold on the outside. Give her something as vivid as she is, something more quirky and eccentric just like her.

Give her something that reflects her personality in a unique way. She'd go crazy for this three-wheeler ride presenting an auto-rickshaw ride necklace, which is created with 92.5 sterling silver and has an oxidized finish that gives it a vintage feel. Shop here

Embrace her toe with a quirky cubby toe ring which has a cute cub head toe ring made of 92.5 sterling silver and has stunning gold and silver finish. Shop here


Gift the jewellery that defines her and makes her stand out just like her personality.

7) Ms. Fun

She moves with her soul's rhythm, embraces her independence and lives a freely-life. She is fun and beautiful!

For the person who lives in her own small universe, who is daring and has a head full of fantasies. Offering her a couple of fun silver accessories will undoubtedly make her eyes sparkle. These pieces of jewellery are bright, loving, and beautiful, and they will compliment her personality. Fun-loving traits are reflected in dolphins, butterflies, and drops.

Little dolphin wired nose pin is handcrafted with 92.5 sterling silver, has a silver finish and is easy to carry thanks to wired closure. Shop here

Decorate her feet with a elephant motif anklet which is composed of 92.5 sterling silver and has a oxidized finish. The essential feature are the elephant on the anklet, which perfectly matches her personality. Shop here

The drooping Affair danglers, like her free and zesty, have a dazzling silver sheen and are handcrafted with 92.5 sterling silver. It's easy to put on thanks to the fish hook closure. Shop here


Pamper her with a delightful jewellery treat!


8)   Ms. Nature Lover:

She's as exquisite as an emerging flower petal after it's been rained on, with the divine magnificent drops on it. We admire her inherent beauty!

For the one who is down to earth, as beautiful as nature, one who can overcome all obstacles and heals all with her love. If flowers make her happy, then this is the nicest gift she could receive.

The silver blossom is everlasting and will never wither, shining brightly for all eternity. Phool vatika kada is handcrafted with 92.5 sterling silver and has bloomed silver flowers at both ends. What makes this kada mesmerizing is the matt silver finish of the kada. Shop here

Phoolwari necklace is another versatile silver flower necklace that has a flower heart in the center. With the elegant matt silver finish, this is one of the ever-silver necklaces. Shop here

A bunch of flowers on her hand would look nice no? Gift her a bunch of flower rings which are handcrafted with 92.5 sterling silver and have a phenomenal rose gold finish and zirconia in the core. Shop here


There is something exceptional about her phenomenal personality; give her something that reflects her individuality. With 92.5 sterling silver sweetness, treat her, nurture her, and admire her. Anything that will be with her for the longest time possible and will make her smile every time she looks at it.

This women's day gives her love in the form of 92.5 sterling silver because she is the one and she is many!

Happy Women’s day!